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Brassfield Estate Winery


We are pleased to offer you 3 Tasting Menus

Current Release $15 – Library & Reserve Selection $20 – Dessert wines $25


Current Release Tasting $15

2017 Gewürztraminer

Incredibly fragrant and floral, brimming with Bergamot orange, white geranium, and rose petals.  This light and lean vintage is full of crisp citrus acidity and juicy tropical fruit. $22

2017 Riesling

Flavors of golden apple, nectarine and apricot with lychee-soaked layers of spiciness that linger.


2018 Chardonnay

Flavors of pineapple and pear hit the mid-palate with lemon accentuating the sides and honeydew lingering in the finish. Malolactic fermentation was completed in 1/3 of the wine.  $32

2016 Malbec

Delicious medium bodied wine with enticing flavors of plum and raspberry, black cherry, and currants. $40

2016 Eruption

40% Petite Sirah 21% Syrah 12% Malbec 11% Grenache 11% Mourvedre 5%Zinfandel

Aromas of blackberries, fresh baked bread & plums. The palate explodes with ripe blueberries, mixed berry tart and toasty vanilla. $28


Library & Reserve Selection Tasting $20

2016 Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon *** our very first Release***

Loaded with dark cherry, cedar, vanilla, and blackberry our Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon is a bold and elegant example of a distinctive estate wine.  Forward bright red flavors are complemented by a deceptively dense tannin structure and lingering, juicy, pie filling like baked fruit profile. Only 14 barrels produced $65

2015 Reserve Pinot Noir

Bright dark cherry cola and ripe strawberries punctuate the elegant bouquet of Reserve Pinot Noir.  Perfectly balanced with a lengthy finish. $39

2013 Petite Sirah

Presenting characteristics of strawberry rhubarb pie, burnt brown sugar, beetroot, and dark red cranberries. On the palate, the notes evoke stewed red plums, toasty chestnuts and coffee. $55


Dessert wines Tasting $25

2016 Moscato

Aromas of orange blossom, white peach and honeysuckle. Sweetness is balanced by subtle notes of juicy acidity and finishes with a lasting lemon meringue like goodness. $25

2016 SuSan’s Passion

Late Harvest Riesling. When Mother Nature teases your taste buds like a honeybee

With the perfect the perfect nectar!  $36

2007 Elevado

Fortified dessert wine made with our zinfandel distilled by Germain Robin. –

Only 6 barrels produced $45