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Brassfield Estate Winery




From the valley to the volcano, Brassfield Estate Winery sits on some of the mosT unique lands imaginable.

Map of the High Valley area

Brassfield Estate Winery & Vineyards are located in the western section of High Valley at High Serenity Ranch on a truly distinctive and remarkable winegrowing property. Our valley floor vineyards sit at 1800 ft. elevation. The higher vineyard blocks rise to nearly 3000 ft. The temperature fluctuation on this unique property is always one of the most amazing experienced in California.

In 1973, Jerry Brassfield purchased the original 1,600 acres as a cattle ranch and wildlife preserve. Over the next three decades Jerry acquired additional contiguous properties. Today, the Brassfield Estate includes over 5,000 acres across both the eastern and the western sections of High Valley, as well as the Round Mountain Volcano.

In 1998, the different sections of the ranch were investigated for their potential to produce outstanding estate-grown wines. The vineyard development started in 2001 has grown to a state-of-the-art farming operation as well as our winemaking facility.


High Valley AVA

Vineyard rows with sun in the sky

One of only two transverse valley AVAs in California, the massive diurnal temperature swings allow for longer hang times and better acid retention in the juice and finished wine.

Though this Lake County growing region was part of one of the state's largest wine producers before Prohibition, a rare few wineries are privileged to call it home today. The largest natural lake in California, Clear Lake, wraps around the AVA. And the region boasts the cleanest air in the state.

Remarkable for its cool marine breezes, volcanic soils, high elevations that range from 1,800 to almost 3,000 feet, the High Valley AVA remains an unbeatable North Coast winegrowing region, well off the beaten path.



Lake and treest

The Brassfield Estate includes the picturesque Lake Serenity, as well as the imposing Round Mountain Volcano.

More than just symbols of our distinctive land, these two Brassfield icons have a profound impact on our wines. The now extinct volcano helped create the valley's basin and form the lake. In combination with the alluvial sediments and volcanic soils that settled on our land, the lake and volcano create conditions for grapes with bright acidity and aromatics (for the white wines), with supple tannin structure, dark color and concentrated fruit character (for the red wines).


Wildlife Preserve & Ancient Oaks

Orange flowers

We take stewardship of the land and of the creatures in and above it seriously. We have provided a flyway and refuge for thousands of ducks and other waterfowl on the Brassfield Estate lands. These preservation efforts form a connection between our history and the type of sustainable conscientiousness that ensures our future.


Transverse Valley

Foggy valley

The cooling temperature of coastal breezes means the distinctive flavor of great wine.

10,000 to 20,000 years ago the built-up lava flow from the eruption of Round Mountain Volcano sealed off water shed that flowed to the east side of High Valley. Over time, alluvial material from the runoff from the surrounding mountains filled the canyon creating a transverse valley floor - unusual due to its east- west orientation running counter to California's coastal range. High Valley's orientation and Clear Lake's proximity create a natural wind machine that has a resulting cooling effect on a daily basis. The cooling temperature of coastal breezes greatly influence the distinctive flavor of exceptional wine.